Please Read BEFORE Creating a Ticket

Please submit a ticket form completely with correct information or you request will not be closed and not completed.

Any/all requests or changes to Customer’s Facebook Advertising status submitted by Customer to Service Provider outside of normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am EST - 5pm EST) are considered to be submitted “after hours.”  Requests submitted after hours are subject to processing during normal business hours on the following business day.

The Following Terms Apply to Each Request Type

Create New Ad Account

After filling out the request form you will be contacted by a client services representative from Viralstyle if additional information is needed. To request a new Facebook Agency account, you must submit your Initial Deposit/Service Fee of $300 and the Clean Ads Deposit of $1000 ($1300 total). You will be billed the monthly $300 service fee at the 1st of every month.

Payment must be received prior to processing your request or you will not receive an account. Any requests submitted for a new ad account without the Initial Deposit and Clean Ads Deposit will not be processed. Any money deposited beyond the $1300, will be allocated to your ad spend.

*Any subsequent advertising dollars added beyond the initial deposit must be transferred from your Viralstyle profits.

Pay by Payoneer using this link:
Pay by Paypal by sending payment to or going to

Add Money

If paying through Payoneer or Paypal, the minimum deposit is $1000, and payment must be received prior to processing the request. If adding money from Viralstyle profit, there is no minimum.

Pay by Payoneer using this link:
Pay by Paypal by sending payment to or going to

Add A Pixel / Employee

To add a pixel to your ad account, please share your pixel with our Viralstyle Business Manager. Once you share access to your business manager, we will be able to add it to your account.

Our Business Manager ID(s)

Account names like Agency XXX: 412911709188434

Account Flagged for Unusual Activity

Accounts can be flagged for unusual activity for a number of reasons. Unfortunately there is no specific answer to why an ad account is flagged. Fortunately, Viralstyle is in good standing with Facebook, and once we verify our account information, we usually get the account activated again within a few hours.

In some instances, Facebook will ask for additional information which may delay the time it takes to activate the account again.

Account Flagged for Policy Violation

If your Facebook advertising account is flagged by Facebook for policy violation, we will review your ad account and appeal the violation directly with Facebook. If Facebook does not reinstate/verify your ad account after our appeal, you will be subject to forfeiting your Clean Ads Deposit ($1000) as a penalty fee.

If you wish to create a new advertising account, you must submit a new/separate request through the ticketing system (REQUEST NEW ACCOUNT) and you will be subject to providing a separate $1000 Clean Ads Deposit and $300 Initial Deposit/Service Fee ($1300 total), subject to the same terms aforementioned. This deposit will be required for every new ad account processed.

*The Clean Ads Deposit does not include and/or contribute to the monthly Services Fee/Initial Deposit of $300. If you ever wish to close your ad account, and it has not been flagged for a Policy Violation, the Clean Ads Deposit will be refunded along with any remaining ad spend balance requested.

*This Clean Ads policy is in place to help ensure a stable and reliable platform for you to advertise your Viralstyle merchandise. As a reminder, Viralstyle's Business Manager(s) are to be used for the advertising of Viralstyle products only.